Aquaman 2 Opens to $28M During Christmas Weekend

Aquaman 2 Opens to $28M During Christmas Weekend: “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” topped the list of new releases during the weekend leading up to Christmas Eve. The sequel from DC and Warner Bros., featuring Jason Momoa, raked in roughly $28.1 million in its initial three days across 3,706 theaters in North America, as per studio reports on Sunday. By the close of Monday, it’s anticipated to reach approximately $40 million in U.S. ticket sales.
Even with several fresh films hitting theaters like the animated feature “Migration,” the mature rom-com “Anyone But You,” the wrestling drama “The Iron Claw,” and the supernatural drama “All of Us Strangers,” the pre-Christmas box office remained relatively subdued. It seems audiences might have chosen other activities over heading to the movies.

Aquaman 2 Opens to $28M During Christmas Weekend

When Christmas Eve aligns with a peak weekend day, it typically isn’t ideal for Hollywood or cinemas. However, in 2017, when Christmas coincided with a Monday, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” led the charts, grossing $71.5 million over its extended weekend.

This Christmas Day, theaters will witness the arrival of several new releases, including a high-profile musical rendition of “The Color Purple,” Michael Mann’s racing-centric “Ferrari,” and George Clooney’s take on the rowing saga “The Boys in the Boat.” These films are expected to benefit from the period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, a historically prosperous window for the film industry.
these releases are unlikely to rival blockbuster holiday hits such as “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” “Avatar,” and “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” Observers on social media pointed out that this was the anticipated weekend for Patty Jenkins’ Star Wars installment, “Rogue Squadron,” to premiere.

The production budget for “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” is estimated to be around $200 million, excluding expenses for marketing and advertising. The inaugural installment debuted with $67.8 million in 2018 and amassed nearly $1.2 billion worldwide.
The debut of “Aquaman” concludes a challenging year for DC’s superhero cinematic ventures, marked by underwhelming box office performances from films like “Shazam! Fury of the Gods,” “The Flash,” and “Blue Beetle.” As the studio transitions and embraces James Gunn’s creative direction, “Aquaman 2” serves as the final installment from the previous management’s era.

Warner Bros. boasts the second-highest-grossing film of the weekend, “Wonka,” along with the significant Christmas release, “The Color Purple.” These high-profile releases come as a boon for theaters, especially in the absence of any new offerings from the Walt Disney Company or Paramount. By the end of Monday, Warner Bros. is poised to secure three positions within the top five at the box office.
During its second weekend, “Wonka” amassed approximately $17.7 million, with a cumulative total of $26.1 million including Monday, elevating its domestic gross to $83.6 million.

Securing the third position was Illumination and Universal’s “Migration,” a family-friendly animated film centered around a duck family’s southern journey. Featuring voice talents like Kumail Najiani, Elizabeth Banks, and Awkwafina, the movie garnered an estimated $12.3 million from 3,761 North American venues by Sunday, projected to reach $17.1 million by Monday’s close. Globally, its earnings stood at roughly $34.3 million as of Sunday, with potential for growth as school holidays continue.

Jim Orr, Universal’s domestic distribution chief, remarked, “‘Migration’ has received overwhelmingly positive audience feedback, setting the stage for a promising run not only during the festive season but also into the upcoming year.”
With the exception of Disney’s earlier re-releases of select Pixar films, no fresh competition is anticipated until the release of “Kung Fu Panda 4” on March 8.

The romantic comedy “Anyone But You,” starring Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney, secured a fourth-place debut, pulling in approximately $6.2 million over its opening weekend and nearing $9 million by Monday. Helmed by Will Gluck and drawing loose inspiration from “Much Ado About Nothing,” the film received mixed reviews. While some critics expressed reservations, others hailed its revival of a cherished genre that has predominantly found a home on platforms like Netflix. Audience feedback awarded it a B+ CinemaScore.

A24’s “The Iron Claw,” spotlighting the tumultuous journey of the Von Erich wrestling dynasty, premiered across 2,774 screens, buoyed by commendable reviews spotlighting Zac Efron’s standout performance. Initial estimates peg its weekend revenue at $5.1 million, projected to escalate to $7.5 million by Monday’s culmination. Impressively, it clinched an A- CinemaScore, marking the highest audience rating for A24 since “Everything Everywhere All At Once.” Concurrently, Jonathan Glazer’s “The Zone of Interest” showcased on six screens, amassing $89,931 over the weekend.

In addition, Searchlight Pictures released “All of Us Strangers,” featuring Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal, in select theaters in New York and Los Angeles. The film garnered an impressive average of $33,034 per theater. Meanwhile, Yorgos Lanthimos’ darkly comedic “Poor Things” expanded its reach to 800 theaters, amassing $2.1 million in earnings.

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