Ben Napier’s Ongoing Courtship: I Wake Up and I Want Her to Fall in Love with Me

Ben Napier’s Ongoing Courtship: I Wake Up and I Want Her to Fall in Love with Me: HGTV stars Erin and Ben Napier are spreading holiday cheer in Laurel, Mississippi, the delightful setting for their series “Home Town.”

The design duo, who tied the knot in 2008, create personalized gifts for past clients on a special episode titled “Home Town Holidays” airing this Sunday at 8 PM EST/PST. Fans can look forward to the continuation of Season 7 of their renovation series “Home Town,” which resumes on January 7 at 8 PM EST/PST.

During Christmas, Ben emphasizes, “We’re trying to teach our daughters that it’s not about getting things, it’s not about the gifts.” He refers to the couple’s daughters, Helen, 5, and Mae, 2, stating, “It’s about giving to others and being generous.”

“And being in service to other people,” Erin adds. Erin, aged 38, shares that their family is “over the top with Christmas traditions.” They enjoy admiring the festive Christmas lights while cruising around in one of their classic cars and attending their town’s Christmas parade. Helen actively participates by crafting bouquets of mistletoe, which Ben then shoots down from trees on their property.

They hang them in, like, every doorway in the house,” says Erin.
Big sister’s helping me out,” says Ben, 40. “She’s like, ‘We’re going to hang one here because you and Mommy are always walking through here.’
Even after 19 years together, the Napiers continue to prioritize romance. Ben starts each day by writing Erin a brief love note.

Every day, I wake up, and I want her to fall in love with me that day, he says. I want to win her over that day. From the way Erin gazes adoringly at her husband by her side, it seems Ben is succeeding

The interview takes place during what they refer to as “love week,” the period when the two, who were then students at Jones College in Ellisville, Mississippi, fell head over heels for each other. Erin, serving as the design editor for the yearbook, harbored a crush on the popular “Big Ben.” On December 8, 2004, Ben chose to forego a trip to his beloved New Orleans with friends to party on Bourbon Street and sing karaoke so he could spend time with Erin. “We were sitting in her car, in her Beetle that we still have, and we were eating cheese sticks, and it felt different,” he says. “It just felt like, ‘OK, this is important.’ Then on Dec. 13 … I told her that I was in love with her, and I wanted to marry her.”

I had been in love with Ben for a solid year before he ever spoke to me,” Erin adds. “So I was easy. I was just like, ‘I love you, too!

Ben and Erin attribute their success to the fact that they are always together and share everything.
“I don’t think that people actually do that. We try to keep secrets, but we can’t,” says Ben, “I can’t keep anything from her. She can’t keep anything from me.”

“Even if you’re just irritated with each other about something, it’s better to say it immediately when you start to feel irritated,” Erin says. Ben agrees. “It’s not as if we don’t fight or we don’t get on each other’s nerves about something every now and then, but …”

“We have Stage 1 fights,” Erin interjects, “instead of Stage 5.”
A seductive shirtless selfie doesn’t hurt, either. In honor of Ben’s 40th birthday in September, Erin posted a bare-chested photo to Instagram celebrating his commitment to getting fit.

“He saw a video of himself where his shirt didn’t fit great,” Erin says of Ben’s motivation to jump-start his health journey. “That bothered him so much.”

In March, Ben underwent surgery to repair his rotator cuff. “They were like, ‘You’re going to have to sleep on your back after surgery,’” Erin remembers. And he’s like, ‘Well, I’m going to have to lose a lot of weight before I can do that.’ Ben set up a gym in his barn using equipment purchased from Facebook Marketplace, creating a perfect setting to capture a smoldering selfie for his wife.

“He sends me that selfie every morning,” says Erin, as if to say, “ ‘I’m working hard. Here’s my progress today.’ And I enjoy getting them.”

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