‘Born in Synanon’ Docuseries: How to Watch

‘Born in Synanon’ Docuseries: How to Watch: If you’re enthusiastic about exploring cults, this has been a significant year for streaming.
From “Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God” to “Escaping Twin Flames,” there has been a surplus of storylines delving into religious extremism in 2023.

The latest release causing a stir on the internet is the Paramount Plus docuseries titled “Born in Synanon.” For those familiar with headlines from the 1970s to the ’90s, the name may ring a bell. The addiction-recovery community, later turned cult, led by Charles E. “Chuck” Dederich, was once among the largest in the U.S. Its downfall came after a series of legal battles that led to convictions for serious crimes, including attempted murder.

The docuseries, narrated from the perspective of a former member, has astonished viewers with previously unreleased archival footage. Keen to explore it firsthand? Here’s how you can stream this popular documentary.

What is the ‘Born in Synanon’ Docuseries About?

“Born in Synanon” is a docuseries that delves into the narrative of Synanon, regarded as one of the largest cults in American history. Originating as a drug and alcohol treatment community named Tender Loving Care in the 1950s with noble intentions, it underwent a transformation into the more ominous Church of Synanon during the 1970s.

At times referred to as one of the “most dangerous and violent cults America had ever seen,” Synanon disbanded in 1991 due to significant legal issues faced by several members. A derivative group still persists today in Germany.

The official synopsis from Paramount, in part, describes the series as follows:

“Born in Synanon” chronicles one woman’s quest to uncover the truth about what was once America’s largest cult – Synanon. Originating as a drug and alcohol treatment center, it transformed into a utopian, racially inclusive community. However, its mission became corrupted by its megalomaniac founder as he descended into madness. Cassidy Arkin’s earliest memories portray a happy communal extended family, a contrast to the abusive hierarchical society recalled by her peers. Cassidy, along with her mother Sandy, embarks on a journey to unravel the secrets of Synanon. They reconnect with former members, sharing personal stories that unveil a vast trove of often disturbing archival footage, some of which has never been seen before.

Where to Watch ‘Born in Synanon’; Release Date

The four-part docuseries “Born in Synanon” is accessible for streaming on Paramount+. All episodes were released on December 12 and necessitate a subscription to view.

Getting a Subscription for Paramount+: How to Sign Up

Certain platforms like Amazon Prime and Apple TV offer the series for streaming, but a Paramount login is necessary for access.
Customers can avail a complimentary seven-day trial for Paramount Plus and subsequently subscribe through Paramount’s website or as an add-on to Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV. Subscription plans vary in price, ranging from $6 per month to $12 per month.

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