Derek Hough’s Wife Hayley to Undergo Skull Surgery

Derek Hough’s Wife Hayley to Undergo Skull Surgery: Hayley Erbert, the wife of Derek Hough, is scheduled for another surgical procedure this Wednesday, almost a fortnight after the “Dancing With the Stars” judge shared news of her emergency craniectomy.

Hough, 38, took to his Instagram Story to inform followers that Erbert, 29, will undergo surgery “to restore a significant part of her skull removed during the craniectomy.”
Expressing gratitude for the outpouring of support, Hough stated, “The collective prayers and positive energy directed towards Hayley’s recovery have been immensely comforting. Your support means the world to us. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts during this time. We are deeply grateful.” On Friday, Hough posted a video capturing a peaceful stroll he and his wife took in Washington, D.C. In the footage, Erbert could be seen wearing a protective medical helmet.

Derek Hough's Wife Hayley to Undergo Skull Surgery

Updating followers, Hough wrote, “Hayley’s progress has been truly remarkable, almost like a miracle.” He further added, “While she still has some steps ahead, we’re hopeful for another procedure in a few weeks to place a skull implant, filling the gap from the craniectomy.”
Hough elaborated that this forthcoming surgery aims to “restore the natural contour of the skull and offer added protection to the brain.”

Derek Hough Keeps Fans Informed Since Hayley Erbert’s Hospitalization

Ever since his initial announcement on December 7 via Instagram about Hayley Erbert’s hospitalization due to a “cranial hematoma,” Derek Hough has been consistently updating concerned followers.

“After our performance in Washington, D.C., Hayley experienced disorientation and was promptly taken to the hospital,” he shared. “The diagnosis revealed a cranial hematoma resulting from a ruptured blood vessel, leading to an emergency craniectomy. Thankfully, she remains in stable condition.”
The Mayo Clinic defines an intracranial hematoma as a “build-up of blood inside the skull.” This condition typically arises when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures. However, it can also result from external factors such as accidents or falls. As the blood accumulates either within the brain tissue or beneath the skull, it exerts pressure on the brain.

Expressing gratitude, Hough acknowledged, “I’m deeply thankful for the swift response and ongoing care provided by the first responders and medical team attending to Hayley. Your prayers and positive thoughts are greatly appreciated during these challenging times.”

Hough and Erbert exchanged vows in August, committing to each other amidst loved ones in a picturesque redwood forest located in Monterey County, Northern California.

A Journey from “DWTS” to Marriage for Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert’s romance blossomed in 2015 on the set of “DWTS.” Erbert showcased her dance prowess as a performer on the show for seven seasons and participated in four tours. On the other hand, before transitioning to a judge’s role, Hough dazzled audiences as a professional dancer on “DWTS,” clinching the prestigious Mirrorball Trophy an unmatched six times.
Their love story reached another milestone when they announced their engagement on June 2, 2022, through heartfelt Instagram posts, solidifying their journey from colleagues to life partners.

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