Do ‘Ferrari’ Stars Adam Driver and Penélope Cruz Want the Iconic Car?

Do ‘Ferrari’ Stars Adam Driver and Penélope Cruz Want the Iconic Car? : Adam Driver, portraying the renowned Enzo Ferrari in the film “Ferrari” premiering on Christmas Day, humorously mentions his attempts to acquire a car for himself.
“I’ve tried reaching out, but it seems my calls aren’t being returned,” quips the 40-year-old Driver with a chuckle.

However, this jest is all in good fun. Given Driver’s transformative portrayal, embodying the 59-year-old Enzo Ferrari from 1957 with meticulous detail, one might assume he’d have special access to the exclusive Ferrari models typically reserved for the brand’s elite clientele.

Do 'Ferrari' Stars Adam Driver and Penélope Cruz Want the Iconic Car?

Driver and his co-star, Penélope Cruz, who portrays Ferrari’s wife, Laura, discuss the intricacies of crafting a film centered on a tumultuous period in Enzo Ferrari’s life. This narrative delves into a challenging phase where Ferrari’s business faces financial challenges, coinciding with personal turmoil due to the discovery of his relationship with Lina Lardi, played by Shailene Woodley, and the revelation of an illegitimate son.
Michael Mann’s historical film required meticulous attention to detail, especially given that in his native Italy, Enzo Ferrari is revered almost as reverently as the pope.

Mann’s commitment to authenticity was unwavering. He collaborated with the Costa Rican firm, Pacto, to produce era-appropriate helmets for the 1950s-era drivers featured in the film. Furthermore, Mann ensured that the actors had firsthand experiences at locations integral to Ferrari’s life and legacy. Additionally, he employed multiple microphones to accurately capture the distinct sounds of the roaring race cars, aiming to replicate their unique exhaust notes faithfully.

“Michael has been passionate about bringing this story to life for nearly three decades, so once he had the opportunity, his dedication was unwavering,” reflects Driver, who, after portraying Maurizio Gucci in 2021’s “House of Gucci,” steps into another significant Italian historical role. “Such commitment resonates with viewers because they recognize and appreciate the authenticity and specificity it brings to the narrative.”

“Michael Mann Takes Adam Driver and Penélope Cruz on an Italian Journey to Prep for ‘Ferrari'”

Filming in the Italian cities of Modena and the neighboring Maranello, the cast consistently felt the keen eyes of the local residents, especially given Maranello’s significance as the hub of Ferrari’s operations.

“We definitely felt the weight of it,” Driver acknowledges. “With two dedicated Ferrari museums in the vicinity and pervasive Ferrari imagery everywhere, the pressure was palpable. However, we were determined to authentically portray the individuals we were immersing ourselves in.”

For Driver, this commitment translated to hands-on experiences with racing cars both in California and Italy. Additionally, he undertook an extensive scouting trip to Modena alongside Mann and Cruz. During this visit, the trio explored the Ferrari factory, toured Enzo’s residence, and engaged with locals who had vivid memories of the automotive icon.

The actors also forged a connection with Piero Ferrari, the son who, after Laura’s passing in 1978, officially embraced the family legacy and now, at 78, serves as the company’s vice chairman. “Being with Piero as he unveiled suitcases belonging to his father, filled with personal items, was enlightening,” Driver reflects. “It provided invaluable insights into the character I portrayed.”

For Cruz, her familiarity with Italy, where she has filmed multiple movies, proved essential in portraying a woman often overshadowed by her more famous spouse.
“I visited the same market where Laura would shop, reviewed the financial records she meticulously maintained for the company, and even explored her apartment,” Cruz shares. “Being in that space provided profound insights into the underlying sorrow she grappled with,” a sorrow intensified by her husband’s affairs and the tragic loss of their sole son, Dino, at just 24 in 1956. “It’s evident she endured profound sadness and likely battled deep depression for many years.”

Delving into the true essence of Laura Ferrari required navigating beyond mere rumors, notes Penélope Cruz.

Cruz mentions that initial discussions with locals often portrayed Laura Ferrari in a light that labeled her as “difficult, unpredictable, and intimidating.”
The information Cruz eventually gathered painted a portrait of Laura Ferrari as a astute, resolute, and devoted individual, possessing the resilience to navigate profound grief related to her son and marital challenges. Her early involvement as an investor in Ferrari provided her with a purpose and drive.

In her portrayal, Cruz captures this determination with unwavering intensity. “Laura rarely displays joy in the film,” she notes. Driver deeply appreciated Cruz’s commanding presence on set, stating, “She facilitated the process effortlessly. Her commitment, attentiveness, and natural instincts elevated the performance.”

In Driver’s portrayal, Ferrari’s character faces significant challenges and is far from jovial. As an automaker, he grapples with financial troubles and witnesses the loss of driver colleagues in perilous races. Additionally, his financial advisors emphasize the importance of securing a victory in the 1957 Mille Miglia, a prestigious 1,000-mile race known to elevate its victors to stardom and boost sales for the winning vehicles.

What’s next for Adam Driver and Penélope Cruz? Perhaps a comedy is on the horizon!

The palpable on-screen chemistry between Driver and Cruz might be the reason they’re considering a comedy collaboration.
“I genuinely enjoy working with him. We share a wonderful rapport and a similar sense of humor, which wasn’t showcased in this film,” she mentions. “We’re on the lookout for a clever comedy that allows us to continue collaborating.”

However, a mutual passion for automobiles isn’t something they both possess. Driver admits he’s “always had a fondness for cars,” recalling his admiration for the iconic Ferrari Testarossa featured in the 1980s Michael Mann television series, “Miami Vice.”
“I’ve always viewed Ferraris as more than just cars; they’re truly masterpieces on wheels,” Driver reflects. “Yet, for most of my life, owning one seemed out of reach.”

In a contrasting sentiment, Cruz wouldn’t accept a Ferrari even as a gift.
“Would I want a Ferrari? Absolutely not,” she asserts. “I’m not fond of high speeds. When I asked Michael about my role, my first query was, ‘I won’t be required to drive a Ferrari in this film, will I?’ I genuinely feel anxious in fast-moving vehicles.”
So, even with her starring role in a major film titled “Ferrari,” has she ever experienced being in one?
“Yes, I have,” Cruz clarifies. “Adam and I visited Piero Ferrari’s garage, where numerous cars were on display. We sat in one, and that brief moment was more than sufficient for me.”

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