Eddie Murphy Back as Axel Foley in ‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’ – Watch Netflix Trailer!

Eddie Murphy Back as Axel Foley in ‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’ – Watch Netflix Trailer!: Eddie Murphy is set to revive his iconic character, Axel Foley, in an upcoming installment of the “Beverly Hills Cop” film series, marking the first time in almost thirty years.

On Thursday, Netflix unveiled the trailer for “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley,” scheduled for release on the streaming platform next year.

The trailer, presented on the company’s social media platforms, follows Netflix’s earlier film teaser shared on X, formerly Twitter, just two days ago. The teaser showcased a picture of Murphy reprising his role as Foley, adorned in his iconic Detroit Lions jacket, accompanied by the caption: “He’s back. Axel Foley returns in 2024!”

Murphy’s most recent portrayal of Foley on the silver screen was in 1994’s “Beverly Hills Cop 3.” Critically panned, the film was deemed by Murphy himself as the least strong installment in the trilogy. Efforts to produce a fourth film have faced delays for decades, but the much-anticipated sequel, slated for a summer 2024 release on Netflix, will showcase a mix of familiar and new cast members.

“Who Joins Eddie Murphy in the ‘Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley’ Cast?”

Debuting on the big screen in 1984, the initial “Beverly Hills Cop” launched Murphy into the realm of superstardom. The timeless buddy-cop action comedy inspired two follow-up films, each featuring Murphy as the street-smart cop in the lead role. He portrays the character who, hailing from Detroit, ventures to California to tackle crime and corruption.
While the first three films in the trilogy were distributed by Paramount, the fourth installment will be distributed by Netflix, and Jerry Bruckheimer is set to return as the producer.

“Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley” brings together Murphy with fellow franchise stars Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Paul Reiser, and Bronson Pinchot. Joining the franchise for the first time are actors such as Kevin Bacon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Taylour Paige.

In the upcoming film, Bacon is set to play a special unit officer in the Los Angeles Police Department, as revealed by Empire. Gordon-Levitt, on the other hand, will portray a by-the-book cop who joins forces with Foley. Additionally, Paige will take on the role of Foley’s daughter, serving as his criminal defense attorney.

What is the movie about?

In the fourth installment, directed by Mark Molloy, Axel Foley, now older, is compelled to return to Beverly Hills to probe the sudden demise of a longtime ally. As Foley delves into the investigation, he uncovers corruption within the Beverly Hills police force and joins forces with a young officer to bring it to light.

According to Bruckheimer, Murphy and Gordon-Levitt create a compelling comedic duo, adding to the film’s dynamic. Bruckheimer expressed, “He gets stuck with Axel and they are hysterical together,” highlighting Joseph’s excellent portrayal as the perfect straight man for Eddie Murphy.

Additionally, Bruckheimer assured the audience of a “brilliant” performance from Murphy, emphasizing the unpredictable and nostalgic essence he brings to the set, evoking the spirit of the ’80s with each day of filming.

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