Glen Powell Dubs Sydney Sweeney the ‘Miss Congeniality of Australia’ with ‘Anyone But You’

Glen Powell Dubs Sydney Sweeney the ‘Miss Congeniality of Australia’ with ‘Anyone But You’ : In the romantic comedy “Anyone But You,” set to release this Friday, Natasha Bedingfield’s 2004 smash hit, “Unwritten,” takes center stage. The film showcases Sydney Sweeney of HBO’s “Euphoria” and Glen Powell from “Top Gun: Maverick” as former lovers who unexpectedly cross paths at an Australian wedding. Their characters, Bea (Sweeney) and Ben (Powell), find themselves in a precarious situation after tumbling into shark-infested waters. To calm their nerves while awaiting rescue, they serenade each other with the catchy tune. As the story unfolds, the duo showcases their vocal talents, singing Bedingfield’s track in diverse locations, including a mountaintop, a helicopter, and even the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Glen Powell Dubs Sydney Sweeney the 'Miss Congeniality of Australia' with 'Anyone But You'

Directed by Will Gluck, known for films like “Easy A” starring Emma Stone, this movie draws loose inspiration from William Shakespeare’s classic play, “Much Ado About Nothing.” Despite the on-screen chemistry sparking social media buzz due to their sizzling photos and playful exchanges, both Powell, 35, and Sweeney, 26, have clarified that their relationship remains strictly professional.

Question: Glen, did you ever envision when you began your Hollywood journey that you’d eventually find yourself singing Natasha Bedingfield’s song while being unclothed on an Australian mountaintop?
Sydney Sweeney: Believe it or not, he genuinely wished for that scenario. It was on his bucket list.
Glen Powell: Absolutely! That was a scene I anticipated would be quite the adventure to shoot.

“Sydney, Did You Really Get Bitten by That Huntsman Spider?”

“Sweeney: The Huntsman spider bite was genuinely painful. As we were filming the scene, I started screaming, but there was no immediate ‘Cut!’ from the crew. They seemed to think I was making an intense acting choice for the comedic scene. It was only when Glen realized the severity that they took action.”

“Powell: Your voice clearly signaled a shift; it was evident it wasn’t just acting pain.
Sweeney: The aftermath showed two distinct bite marks that lingered for quite some time.”

“Given that both ‘Unwritten’ and ‘Pocketful of Sunshine’ appear in ‘Easy A,’ it seems director Will Gluck has a fondness for early 2000s Natasha Bedingfield tunes. Did you ever discuss this preference with him?”

“Sweeney: Exactly! Initially, we thought he was kidding. Will told us to familiarize ourselves with ‘Unwritten,’ and we took it lightly. But on the first day of filming, he was serious about having us sing it a cappella.”

“Powell: It felt surreal, like one of those challenging dreams where you find yourself singing the most difficult song in front of unfamiliar faces. Yet, interestingly, on Spotify Wrapped for 2023, it’s our most-listened track. I just hope that whenever ‘Unwritten’ plays at weddings, it reminds everyone of our film.”

“What Role Do You Play as Wedding Guests?” Sweeney: We’re undoubtedly the life of the party. I head straight to the dessert table before hitting the dance floor.
Powell: While Sydney indulges in sweets and gets that sugar rush, I opt for tequila. But rest assured, both of us love to dance. Invite us to your wedding, and we guarantee a good time.

“Sydney, with another film (“Eden”) under your belt in Australia, are you becoming the unofficial ambassador for the country?”

“Sweeney: I’d be honored to serve as one. I have a deep affection for Australia.
Powell: Trust me, Australia adores Sydney. She fully immersed herself, even attending an Australian football game with the Sydney Swans. Afterward, it seemed like all of them reached out to her online. She’s practically Australia’s Miss Congeniality.”

“Have you ever seen someone completely taken by her?”

Powell: We were strolling along when a group of young men emerged from a football game. When you pair a crowd like that with Sydney Sweeney, things get interesting. She tried to hide against a wall to avoid attention. However, one intoxicated individual spotted her and exclaimed, “Was that Sydney Sweeney?” Seizing the moment, she darted away. The surprised guy was so taken aback that he stumbled and accidentally knocked over his friends, exclaiming, “Oh, my God!”

Sweeney: He likely dismissed it as a blurry memory from a hangover. But after watching this interview, he might realize, “That was her!”

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