Huntley Wins ‘The Voice’ Season 24: Finale Performance Highlights

Huntley Wins ‘The Voice’ Season 24: Finale Performance Highlights: Singers from Team Niall, Huntley, and Team Reba’s Ruby Leigh vied for the top spot in Season 24 of NBC’s “The Voice.” The season finale showcased Leigh teaming up with coach Reba McEntire for a spirited rendition of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” by Brenda Lee. At just 16 years old, Leigh consistently wowed the judges with her mature stage presence, even earning McEntire’s admiration for her advanced showmanship at such a young age.

Huntley Wins 'The Voice' Season 24: Finale Performance Highlights

On the other hand, Huntley collaborated with his coach, Niall Horan, delivering a heartfelt acoustic performance of Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.” During the finale, Huntley also treated viewers to a memorable rendition of Creed’s “Higher,” evoking nostalgia from the late ’90s era and garnering positive feedback from the panel of coaches.

“Huntley and Coach Niall Horan’s Memorable Performance on ‘The Voice’ Finale”

Horan has developed a genuine connection with the dynamic rock vocalist known for his raspy voice and electrifying stage charisma.
“Huntley is someone I’d naturally be friends with,” Horan shared in a pre-recorded interview. In response, Huntley humorously quipped, “Once our commitments are fulfilled, we’re hitting the pub for some golf. It’s going to be a blast.”

“Who Triumphed in ‘The Voice’ Season 24?”

The pair now has a pub visit on their agenda, with the Virginia singer clinching the title for Season 24 of “The Voice.”
“Huntley demonstrated that authenticity thrives in this industry,” Huntley remarked about Horan before securing the victory. “Being my true, quirky self is something I cherish.”

John Legend expresses his aspiration to emulate Lila Forde.

Lila Forde from Team Legend joined forces with her coach, John Legend, to capture the festive mood, delivering a jazzy version of Ella Fitzgerald’s “Sleigh Ride.”

With similarities that resonate, Forde and Legend both appreciate each other’s knack for maintaining composure during high-stakes performances.
Witnessing Legend’s live performance, Forde remarked in a prerecorded interview, “Seeing you on stage, I was genuinely impressed by how you handle it live.” In response, Legend commented, “Watching you week after week, I’m inspired to emulate your poise.”

Jacquie Roar shares the stage with country icon Reba McEntire.

Jacquie Roar from Team Reba teamed up with her coach, McEntire, delivering a heartfelt rendition of “No One Else on Earth” by Wynonna Judd.
Beyond McEntire’s esteemed status in country music, her bond with Roar deepened, finding common ground as dedicated working mothers.

“In this journey of being both an artist and a mother, I truly admire your commitment,” Roar expressed in a prerecorded interview. McEntire responded warmly, “Absolutely, we moms need to support one another.”
Regrettably, despite Roar’s country-rock spirit, she secured the fourth position in the competition.

Mara Justine takes the stage alongside her coach, Niall Horan, for the much-anticipated performance.

Mara Justine from Team Niall delivered a heartfelt rendition of “Wasted Time” by the Eagles alongside her coach, Horan.
This collaboration marked a significant milestone for Justine, having previously performed with Legend from Team Legend earlier in the season.

“I did have the chance to perform with John during the blind auditions,” Justine shared with Horan in a prerecorded interview. “Yet, it means a lot to me to finally share the stage with my coach.”
Despite her touching performance alongside Horan, Justine’s journey on “The Voice” concluded as she secured the third Position.

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