Kelly Clarkson’s Dogs Aid Her Post-Divorce Journey

Kelly Clarkson’s Dogs Aid Her Post-Divorce Journey: Kelly Clarkson opened up about her emotions three years post-divorce during a recent episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” In a heartfelt conversation with Shannen Doherty, the topic of navigating life after divorce took center stage.

Kelly Clarkson's Dogs Aid Her Post-Divorce Journey:

Clarkson shared, “I’m truly embracing this phase of self-discovery. When you’ve envisioned forever with someone and that changes, it’s a profound adjustment.” Doherty, known for her role in “Beverly Hills, 90210,” empathized with Clarkson’s sentiments.
Earlier this year, Doherty initiated divorce proceedings with Kurt Iswarienko after an 11-year union. Meanwhile, Clarkson’s split from Brandon Blackstock in 2020 led to prolonged legal disputes involving work issues, custody matters, and their shared property in Montana. The former couple shares two children, River Rose, 9, and Remington Alexander, 7.

Canine Comfort: Clarkson’s Dogs Offer Solace Amidst Life Changes

Clarkson shared a light-hearted yet touching insight into her bond with her pets during this challenging period. “Since my separation and subsequent divorce, my dogs have essentially taken over my bed,” she quipped with a smile. Reflecting on her emotional moments, she added, “During those tearful times, especially with grief so raw, my dog Henry would nuzzle close, seeking comfort by nestling under my arm. It made me wonder, ‘Where can one find such unwavering support?'”
“I appreciate the unconditional love from dogs right now,” Clarkson remarked.

Kelly Clarkson Prioritizes Self-Growth Before Entering a New Relationship

Clarkson Embraces Self-Reflection After Divorce.
“In a relationship, you discover so much about yourself and how you operate within it,” she expressed. “I recognize the need to focus on self-care while navigating a relationship.
“Yet, I genuinely value and enjoy my own company,” Clarkson further shared.

To cope with her divorce, Clarkson channeled her emotions into creating her latest album. Specifically, the song “Red Flag Collector” emerged from a place of intense frustration and anger. “While many have experienced the pain of grief or significant life changes like divorce, every individual’s journey through it remains unique,” she expressed.
Earlier this year, she commented, “It feels unfamiliar and distressing. Often, regrettable words are exchanged, and it’s bewildering.”

Clarkson Reflects on Growth Through Music and New Beginnings

Clarkson reflected, “Listening to these newly released songs feels like hearing a version of myself from a distant past. Three years since our separation, I find myself in a different space emotionally. There’s no lingering resentment; it’s merely a new phase.”
In a significant transition, this season of the “American Idol” star’s talk show captures Clarkson’s move from Los Angeles to the bustling city of New York with her children.

“I sense a renewed sense of freedom. Relocating to New York was truly essential,” Clarkson shared ahead of this season’s debut. “What excites me most about Season 5, personally, is arriving at work with genuine smiles and truly feeling it. It’s a profound joy that becomes even more evident once you’ve experienced its absence.”

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