Mayim Bialik has declared that she is no longer serving as the host of Jeopardy!

Mayim Bialik has declared that she is no longer serving as the host of Jeopardy! : Mayim Bialik has concluded her tenure as the host of “Jeopardy!” The actor from “The Big Bang Theory,” who was revealed as the permanent co-host of the quiz show alongside former champion Ken Jennings last summer, conveyed this information on Friday through an Instagram post.

“As the holiday break kicks off in Hollywood, I have some Jeopardy! news. Sony has communicated to me that I will no longer be hosting the syndicated version of Jeopardy!” wrote Bialik in her statement.

She additionally stated, “I am extremely honored to have received a primetime Emmy nomination for hosting this year, and I am profoundly thankful for the chance to have been a part of the Jeopardy! family. To all those who have backed me throughout this remarkable journey, and to the fans, contestants, writers, staff, and crew of America’s Favorite Quiz Show, I express my gratitude.”

Jennings has been the sole host of Season 40 of the syndicated show since its premiere in September.

“Jeopardy!” announced that the decision was made to have a single host.

“Mayim Bialik has declared that she will no longer be the host of the syndicated version of Jeopardy!” “The decision to have a single host for the syndicated show next season was made to uphold continuity for our viewers, and Ken Jennings will serve as the sole host for syndicated Jeopardy!”

“We sincerely appreciate all of Mayim’s contributions to Jeopardy!, and we look forward to the possibility of collaborating with her on primetime specials in the future,” the statement concludes.

Bialik served as the host for the inaugural season of “Celebrity Jeopardy!” which premiered last year. In August, it was disclosed that Jennings would be taking over her role during the Hollywood writers’ and actors’ strikes. Bialik, being a member of SAG-AFTRA, saw the resolution of the strike in November.

The reasons behind Mayim Bialik not hosting ‘Jeopardy!’

Bialik withdrew from the game show podium this summer in support of the striking Hollywood writers, as reported by industry outlet Deadline. During that period, “Jeopardy!” had one week of taping left in Season 39, originally intended to be hosted by Bialik. However, Jennings proceeded to complete the series’ production before the summer hiatus, crossing the picket line, as reported by a source familiar with the plans who was not authorized to speak publicly.

Writers from the WGA went on strike on May 2 after their contract with major studios expired. Bialik, a member of the Screen Actors Guild of America (SAG-AFTRA), another entertainment union, expressed support for the WGA and participated in its own strike. Both unions have subsequently reached agreements with studios, bringing an end to their strikes.

Bialik and Jennings served as guest hosts during Season 37 following the passing of the show’s cherished longtime host, Alex Trebek, in 2020. They continued to share hosting responsibilities for Season 38 before being revealed as permanent hosts leading up to the premiere of Season 39 last year.

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