Sydney Sweeney Buys Family Birthplace Home

Sydney Sweeney Buys Family Birthplace Home: Sydney Sweeney is leveraging her Hollywood achievements to support her family.
The 26-year-old star of “Euphoria” and “The White Lotus,” recognized with Emmy nominations, shared during a recent episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show” that she repurchased her family’s ancestral home.

Sydney Sweeney Buys Family Birthplace Home

She recounted, “There’s this charming two-bedroom house where my great-grandmother lived. Both my grandmother and mother were born there. As the family grew, they even constructed another house on the same plot.” She further explained, “However, when my great-grandfather passed away and my great-grandmother aged, maintaining the property became challenging.”
Hailing from a locale close to Spokane, Washington, Sweeney took steps to reclaim the property for her family last year.
“I reached out to the current owners, expressing my desire to acquire my great-grandmother’s residence,” Sweeney shared. “Interestingly, my grandmother still resides in the adjacent house,” she added with a smile, “making me now her next-door neighbor.”

The star of “Anyone but You” frequently emphasizes her deep bond with her expansive family. In a previous interview on “Live with Kelly and Mark,” she expressed, “Growing up, I’ve always been tightly knit with my extended family — from cousins to aunts and uncles. We all hail from a close-knit community. Sharing my experiences with them is special because our world is unique and distinct.”

She even invited her grandmothers to join her on set, where they made appearances as extras in her movie “The Voyeurs.”
When Sweeney embarked on her acting journey as a young teen, she had the unwavering backing of her family. At the age of 13, the actress, along with her parents and brother, relocated to Los Angeles. Recounting their early days, she mentioned to The Hollywood Reporter that the family of four shared a single motel room during that time.

“I believed that by earning a substantial amount, I could repurchase my parents’ home and possibly mend their relationship,” she remarked. “However, by the time I reached 18, my savings amounted to just $800. Unfortunately, my parents remained apart, and I felt powerless to make a significant difference.”

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