Trevor Noah’s ‘Where Was I’: Comedy Special Update

Trevor Noah’s ‘Where Was I’: Comedy Special Update: Comedian Trevor Noah is gearing up for his latest Netflix comedy special. Amid a week of noteworthy announcements, he shared on his podcast that he is set to host the 2024 Grammy Awards, marking his fourth consecutive year as the host for the prestigious event.
Having bid farewell to “The Daily Show” in 2022 after seven years as the host, Noah assumed the role in 2015 following Jon Stewart’s departure. Noah’s upcoming Netflix special, “Where Was I,” will be his fourth original comedy feature on the platform. Notable among his previous Netflix specials are “Afraid of the Dark” (2017) and “Son of Patricia” (2018).

Noah’s third special, titled “I Wish You Would,” made its debut in November 2022 and was recorded at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena.
In his latest special, “Where Was I,” Noah delves into his “humorous encounters during recent global journeys, exploring everything from foreign national anthems to diverse cultural practices,” as described in the official logline.
Get the scoop on Trevor Noah’s most recent Netflix comedy special with these essential details.

Discover the release date and streaming details for Trevor Noah’s latest comedy special, “Where Was I.”

The comedy special is set to be accessible for streaming on Netflix at 3 a.m. EST on Tuesday, December 19, as confirmed by the streaming service.

Watch the trailer for “Trevor Noah: Where Was I”

Netflix unveiled the official trailer for “Where Was I” on December 11th.

Details on Trevor Noah’s upcoming performance

In 2023 and 2024, Trevor Noah has a multitude of tour dates lined up across the United States, with a few international stops in the mix.
To kick off 2024, he has multiple performances scheduled in Baltimore (Jan. 11-14) and Austin, Texas (Jan. 24-28). Subsequent stops include Dallas (March 14-15), Seattle (March 19-24), San Diego (April 11-14), and Washington, D.C. (April 24-27).
For a comprehensive list of Noah’s upcoming shows and information on ticket availability, visit his official website.

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