Billy Crystal Returns to Katz’s Deli, Iconic ‘When Harry Met Sally’ Location

Billy Crystal Returns to Katz’s Deli, Iconic ‘When Harry Met Sally’ Location: “We’re Dining Where Gayle King Dined.”
That’s right, Gayle King, the host of “CBS Mornings,” recently accompanied the renowned actor and comedian Billy Crystal, known for his role in “When Harry Met Sally” and a plethora of other works, to Katz’s Delicatessen. This visit marked Crystal’s first return since filming the iconic movie.
Sharing a moment with King, Crystal mentioned, “It’s been a while since we filmed here.” They then settled at the very table where memorable scenes were shot.
Reflecting on the timeless appeal of the film, Crystal observed, “The movie’s significance grows with time. Love stories unfold every day, with people connecting and drifting apart. Each new generation rediscovers ‘When Harry Met Sally,’ and in that film, we remain ageless, representing countless others who resonate with our story.”

Billy Crystal Returns to Katz's Deli, Iconic 'When Harry Met Sally' Location:

King is spotlighting him along with this year’s distinguished Kennedy Center Honorees. This esteemed group includes the likes of singer Dionne Warwick, multifaceted artist Queen Latifah, soprano Renée Fleming, and iconic singer-songwriter Barry Gibb. While the Kennedy Center Honors event occurred on December 3rd, viewers can catch the broadcast on CBS come December 27th.
Katz’s Deli is famously recognized for hosting a standout scene from the movie, where Sally, portrayed by Meg Ryan, stages an unforgettable moment pretending to climax in front of Harry, played by Crystal. Interestingly, director Rob Reiner’s mother appears in the scene as a patron at an adjacent table, humorously commenting, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

It might surprise you that Billy Crystal, now 75, was the mastermind behind that memorable line, “I’ll have what she’s having.” This iconic phrase from the 1989 romantic comedy has stood the test of time, resonating with audiences across different eras. So impactful was this moment that a significant segment of Crystal’s Kennedy Center Honors tribute was set against a recreated Katz’s Deli backdrop.

Although Meg Ryan didn’t reenact her memorable scene from the movie, she playfully teased Billy Crystal during a tribute to him at the event.
“The scene felt so genuine, and I owe a lot of that authenticity to Billy,” she remarked, prompting immediate laughter from the crowd. She further quipped that she hadn’t encountered anyone else who made simulating an orgasm quite as effortless.
Next, she became sentimental, stating, “As his wife Janice can attest after over 50 years, it’s not hard to fall for Billy.” (How touching.)

The event also saw tributes from Jay Leno, Bob Costas, Whoopi Goldberg (who fondly remembered their late “Comic Relief” colleague, Robin Williams), Lin-Manuel Miranda, Robert De Niro (who had a few teleprompter hiccups throughout the evening), and Reiner. Each shared heartfelt sentiments celebrating a genuinely compassionate individual during the Kennedy Center Honors.
“Having Billy Crystal in my life has enriched it immensely,” expressed Reiner. “Bill, you’re cherished.”

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