“Dwayne Johnson Teams Up with ‘Uncut Gems’ Director Benny Safdie for Mark Kerr Biopic”

Dwayne Johnson Teams Up with ‘Uncut Gems’ Director Benny Safdie for Mark Kerr Biopic: Dwayne Johnson, widely recognized for his entertainment career and wrestling persona as “The Rock,” is set to take on the role of mixed martial arts legend Mark Kerr in the upcoming biopic titled “The Smashing Machine.”

The movie’s title is a nod to Kerr’s well-known fighting nickname, “The Smashing Machine.” Dwayne Johnson collaborated on the project with Benny Safdie, co-director of “Uncut Gems,” as reported by The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline. This film marks Safdie’s first solo venture into directing a feature film.

Kerr’s life story has previously been explored in cinema. In 2002, HBO released a documentary titled “The Smashing Machine,” directed by John Hyams, providing an earlier cinematic perspective on Kerr’s journey.

A24 is set to finance and co-produce the film in collaboration with Dwayne Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions and Benny Safdie’s Out for the Count banner, as reported by THR and Deadline. The movie will delve into Mark Kerr’s personal challenges, notably his struggle with addiction during the early 2000s. Noah Sacco, A24’s representative, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration between Dwayne and Benny, stating, “Dwayne and Benny are singular talents, and their shared vision for Mark’s inspiring story is electrifying. We are deeply honored to have their trust as collaborators in bringing this incredibly special project to life.”

Benny Safdie, recognized for his directorial collaborations with his brother Josh Safdie, notably co-directed the 2019 crime thriller “Uncut Gems.” Starring Adam Sandler, Julia Fox, and Idina Menzel, the film received a nomination for Best Picture at the Critics Choice Awards in 2020. Additionally, the Safdie brothers secured a Best Director win at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards in 2019 for their work on the acclaimed film.

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