Pierce Brosnan Reportedly Ventured into Hazardous Thermal Zones at Yellowstone National Park

Pierce Brosnan Reportedly Ventured into Hazardous Thermal Zones at Yellowstone National Park: Certain areas remain restricted even for renowned figures like James Bond. Pierce Brosnan, known for roles in “GoldenEye,” “Mrs. Doubtfire,” and “Mamma Mia!”, faces a court appearance in Wyoming following allegations of trespassing in a thermal region of Yellowstone National Park on November 1. The 70-year-old Irish actor has been summoned to address the issue in court next month.

Pierce Brosnan Reportedly Ventured into Hazardous Thermal Zones at Yellowstone National Park

Brosnan received two citations this past Tuesday related to his presence in prohibited thermal zones within Yellowstone Canyon.
Additional specifics about the citations remain undisclosed. Brosnan is scheduled to attend a hearing at the state’s U.S. District Court on January 23
According to Deadline, Brosnan has been actively involved in shooting a Western titled “Unholy Trinity” at the Yellowstone Film Ranch. He shares the screen with Samuel L. Jackson and Brandon Lessard in this upcoming film.

“What Are Thermal Features?”

“Understanding Thermal Features: A Geological Perspective”
Thermal features represent the observable manifestations of the hydrothermal system and the deeper regions of hot ground and magma storage beneath the Earth’s surface, as described by the US Geological Survey. Such features encompass geysers, hot springs, steam vents, and mudpots.
While the hydrothermal system operates within the upper layers of the Earth’s crust, spanning a few hundred meters or yards, the magma storage region lies several kilometers or miles below this surface layer.

“Yellowstone Prohibits Physical Contact with Thermal Features”

“Yellowstone National Park’s Safety Measures for its Thermal Wonders” Yellowstone National Park boasts an impressive array of over 10,000 thermal features, prompting park authorities to implement stringent safety protocols around these natural marvels.
The park reports that over 20 individuals have tragically succumbed to burns sustained from the hot springs within Yellowstone.
The park further emphasizes, “The hot springs contain water that can inflict severe or even fatal burns, with scalding water lying beneath much of the fragile and breakable surface near these springs.” The installation of boardwalks and trails serves both to safeguard visitors and to protect the delicate thermal formations present in the park.
Here are the guidelines provided for Yellowstone’s thermal regions as outlined on the official website:

  • Do not touch thermal features or runoff
  • Only walk on boardwalks and designated trails
  • Keep children close and make sure they don’t run on boardwalks.
  • Do not swim or soak in hot springs
  • Pets are prohibited in thermal areas.
  • Do not throw objects into hot springs or other hydrothermal features
  • Leave the area immediately if you begin to feel sick by the geyser basins as toxic gases may accumulate

Consequences for Trespassing in Yellowstone’s Thermal Zones

In 2020, two individuals received a 10-day jail sentence and a five-year prohibition from Yellowstone after trespassing in the restricted Old Faithful Geyser thermal area located in Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyoming.
The National Park Service identified Eric Schefflin from Lakewood, Colorado, and Ryan Goetz from Woodstock, New York, as the individuals subjected to the following consequences:

  • 10 days of incarceration
  • $540 in restitution
  • Five years of unsupervised probation
  • Five year ban from Yellowstone National Park

“Guests should understand that venturing onto thermal areas jeopardizes safety, harms the natural environment, and constitutes a legal offense. Our law enforcement officers treat such infractions with utmost seriousness. Yellowstone National Park is grateful to the court for acknowledging the detrimental effects of trespassing on these remarkable natural wonders,” stated Chief Ranger Sarah Davis during the sentencing announcement.

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