Dominic West Discusses Rift with Prince Harry: ‘I Overstepped My Bounds’

Dominic West Discusses Rift with Prince Harry: ‘I Overstepped My Bounds’ : “Dominic West, known for his role in ‘The Crown,’ discloses a real-life rift with Prince Harry.
The actor, who portrayed Prince Charles in the fifth and sixth seasons of the Netflix series centered around Queen Elizabeth II and the British royal family, discussed his relationship with Harry during a Times Radio interview. West, aged 54, and Harry participated in a 2013 South Pole expedition for the ‘Walking With the Wounded’ charity in the UK, which supports injured veterans.

Dominic West Discusses Rift with Prince Harry: 'I Overstepped My Bounds'

Regarding any guidance Harry might have offered for playing Charles, West revealed that their communication has ceased.
“After sharing too many details during a press event, our communication stopped,” West remarked. “I might have elaborated more than necessary about our celebrations upon reaching our destination.”

During the expedition, West had previously recounted vibrant celebrations that involved Harry and others, as noted by ABC News.
“Many of us, including Harry, indulged in a two-day celebration with Icelandic truck drivers who had brought potent homemade brew,” West shared.

“There was a considerable amount of alcohol consumed.” Additionally, West mentioned that participants even drank champagne from prosthetic legs belonging to soldiers injured in Afghanistan. He further noted that Harry entertained the group with humorous anecdotes to uplift spirits during their journey.
In the same discussion, Jonathan Pryce, who portrays Prince Philip in the series, joined in when asked about feedback from the royal family regarding the show. “A member of our cast had an encounter with a royal who hinted at watching the series,” Pryce remarked.

Pryce continued with a personal anecdote: “When I received my knighthood at Windsor, Princess Anne bestowed the honor upon me. Considering I was portraying her father at the time, there were indications that she might have viewed some episodes. As she lightly tapped the sword on my shoulder, I awkwardly remarked, ‘Um, should I apologize?’ to which she responded, ‘For what? It’s all in good fun.'”

Pryce continued, jestingly stating, “It was a bit unclear whether she implied I should apologize for attending the event or for my portrayal. Nonetheless, it provided a lighthearted moment, at least from my perspective.”
On December 14, Netflix unveiled the concluding six episodes of “The Crown.” The initial part of Season 6, launched in November, delved into the concluding moments of Princess Diana’s (portrayed by Elizabeth Debicki) life leading up to her tragic car accident in Paris in 1997. The subsequent episodes spanned the period from 1998 to 2005.
The portrayal of Princess Diana’s final moments and subsequent events in “The Crown” Season 6 garnered significant attention and acclaim from both critics and viewers. Elizabeth Debicki’s nuanced performance captured the complexities and challenges faced by Diana during those tumultuous years, reminding audiences of her enduring impact on the British royal family and the world.

Following the release of the final episodes, discussions and debates about the historical accuracy and dramatization within the series intensified. Viewers and royal enthusiasts alike weighed in on the depiction of key events, characters, and the artistic liberties taken by the show’s creators.
Moreover, the conclusion of “The Crown” Season 6 left fans reflecting on the series as a whole, pondering its legacy in the realm of television dramas and its lasting impression on popular culture. With its meticulous attention to detail, stellar performances, and compelling storytelling, “The Crown” has undeniably cemented its place as one of the most impactful and talked-about series in recent years.

As the curtains close on this chapter of the royal drama, audiences eagerly await future projects that explore different facets of history, culture, and society with the same depth and cinematic brilliance that “The Crown” consistently delivered.

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