Jon Pardi on Quitting Drinking: I Was Unhappy

Jon Pardi on Quitting Drinking: I Was Unhappy: Jon Pardi is set to welcome 2024 with a notable achievement: he’s celebrating four months of living sober.
In a December 14 conversation on Amazon Music’s “Country Heat Weekly” podcast, the “Last Night Lonely” vocalist discussed his decision to abstain from alcohol, noting that he’s shed a significant amount of weight due to health concerns.
Facing pre-diabetic conditions, the 38-year-old country artist emphasized the necessity of his lifestyle change, stating, “I realized I needed to make a change.”

Jon Pardi on Quitting Drinking: I Was Unhappy

Reflecting on his transformation, Pardi expressed newfound confidence, contrasting his earlier sentiments of dissatisfaction with his appearance. “After a recent photo shoot, I thought, ‘I look great,'” he shared with a chuckle. Offering advice to those considering a similar journey, he remarked on the positive impact of cutting out alcohol, especially for weight loss goals.
Pardi finds it challenging to resist his sweet tooth, especially when it comes to certain desserts.
“I have a soft spot for ice cream,” he admitted. Listing his favorites, he mentioned, “Whether it’s Twix ice cream or coffee-flavored, they’re irresistible.”

While Pardi has embraced sobriety, he humorously hinted at the possibility of revisiting his decision in the future. “Think of it as my retirement phase,” he quipped. “Who knows? Maybe I’ll make a comeback. But for now, I’m content with where I am.”
The musician delved into topics such as upcoming tours, his recently released holiday album titled “Merry Christmas From Jon Pardi,” commemorating his daughter Presley’s inaugural Christmas alongside his wife, Summer Pardi, and various adjustments he’s planning as he approaches the New Year.
Pardi is set to perform alongside Morgan Wallen during the extended “One Day at a Time” tour in 2024, gracing the stage for two evenings in Denver.

This collaboration marks an exciting chapter for both artists, amplifying the anticipation among fans eager to witness their combined talents on stage. Denver concert-goers are in for a treat, as Pardi and Wallen’s distinct styles promise a memorable experience filled with energetic performances and chart-topping hits.

As Pardi prepares for this special appearance, the synergy between the two artists is expected to create an electrifying atmosphere. Their shared passion for country music and dynamic stage presence ensures that these Denver shows will be among the tour’s highlights.
Beyond the spotlight and performances, collaborations like this often cultivate camaraderie among artists, fostering creative exchanges and mutual respect. For Pardi, joining Wallen’s tour represents more than just another performance; it’s an opportunity to connect with audiences, expand his reach, and celebrate the shared journey of music-making.

As the concert dates draw nearer, fans can anticipate a blend of familiar favorites and perhaps some unexpected surprises. With Pardi and Wallen at the helm, Denver’s two-night spectacle is poised to leave a lasting impression, solidifying their legacies in the vibrant tapestry of country music.

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