Mara Justine’s Adele Cover on ‘The Voice’ Leaves John Legend with Regrets

Mara Justine’s Adele Cover on ‘The Voice’ Leaves John Legend with Regrets: Jacquie Roar, once on the verge of elimination on NBC’s “The Voice,” made a triumphant return with a powerful performance. The Team Reba singer, who secured the Instant Save vote last week, opened the Season 24 finale with a dynamic rendition of Boston’s “More Than a Feeling.” Roar impressed coaches Niall Horan, John Legend, Gwen Stefani, and Reba McEntire with her impressive vocals and rock ‘n’ roll attitude.

“That was incredible,” Stefani exclaimed. “I feel like every time that you get the love and you get that validation, you just keep getting better and better.”
Roar’s energetic performance earned praise from her coach McEntire, ticking all the boxes for a standout showcase.

Quoting the familiar adage, “Go big or go home,” McEntire commended Jacquie Roar, stating, “Girl, you went big. Way to go. I’m so happy for you.”

Mara Justine Elicits Numerous Regrets from John Legend with Her Adele Cover

Mara Justine from Team Niall delivered a captivating performance, slowing things down with a haunting cover of the Adele ballad “Turning Tables.”
“I genuinely hope that as America goes to cast their votes, they remember this moment because, in my opinion, that was a significant ‘Voice’ moment,” expressed Horan. “I’m immensely proud of you. You’re not only an exceptional singer but also an incredible person, and I truly hope you emerge victorious in this competition.”

Justine also left her former coach, Legend, in awe. Legend had lost the New Jersey vocalist to Horan when he stole her during the Knockouts round.
“I have so many regrets over here,” Legend admitted, describing Justine’s performance as “striking” and “beautiful.” “I love seeing another side of you. You’re just showing us everything. I’m so impressed.”

Niall Horan declares Lila Forde as one of his ‘favorite singer-songwriters on the planet.’

Lila Forde from Team Legend captivated the coaches with her enchanting rendition of “Across the Universe” by The Beatles.
“This was heavenly. It was cinematic. It was transcendent,” praised Legend. “It was exactly the last thing America needs to hear from you before they vote because this was so you.”
Forde’s distinctive individuality has garnered her a devoted fan in Horan.

“The hardest thing in music to do is completely be yourself, and all you do constantly in a competition full of acrobats is just be completely yourself, and you’re one of my favorite singer-songwriters on the planet right now,” Horan expressed. “You’re so true to yourself every single time you get up and sing. You move me every time I hear you sing, and you’re doing that to households across America right now.”

Gwen Stefani describes Ruby Leigh as ‘mesmerizing’ with her Eagles cover.

Ruby Leigh, a singer from Team Reba, delivered a poignant rendition of “Desperado” by the Eagles, captivating the audience with her soulful tone and impressive vocal skill.
“That was absolutely perfect and beautiful,” remarked Stefani. “It’s just mesmerizing that you’re 16 and can sing like that. You channel the intention of the song so well, and your voice is incredibly tasteful.”
McEntire echoed Stefani’s sentiments, commending the teenage vocalist for her maturity as a performer.

John Legend expresses that Huntley’s star quality extends ‘beyond this show.’

“We won’t need a studio roof next season. It’s just been blown off,” joked Horan. “That was simply euphoric out there.”
Huntley’s dynamic stage presence also left Legend on cloud nine.
“I’ve been saying this since the beginning: It feels like you’re beyond this show,” Legend expressed. “I feel like when I’m watching you, I’m observing somebody who’s already playing arenas. … You are such a pro, such a star up there.”

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