Cher Seeks Conservatorship for Her Son, Citing Concerns for Elijah Blue Allman’s Safety

Cher Seeks Conservatorship for Her Son, Citing Concerns for Elijah Blue Allman’s Safety: Cher has submitted a request for a conservatorship for her son, Elijah Blue Allman, citing concerns about his “significant mental health challenges and substance misuse.”
As per records presented in the Los Angeles Superior Court and accessed this Wednesday, the acclaimed singer emphasizes that her son’s current condition prevents him from effectively handling his financial affairs.
The document further elaborates, “Elijah has rights to periodic allocations from a trust set up by his father. However, given his persistent mental health and substance-related challenges, Cher, as the petitioner, fears that any money provided to Elijah might be quickly utilized for substance abuse. This could leave him without necessary resources and potentially jeopardize his well-being.”

Cher aims to become the exclusive conservator responsible for managing her son’s assets and finances. According to the documentation, the renowned “Moonstruck” star has consistently made significant efforts to ensure her son receives the necessary assistance.
A preliminary hearing for an interim arrangement is slated for January 5, 2024. Meanwhile, a subsequent session to discuss a lasting decision is on the calendar for March 6, 2024.

Cher Alleges Marieangela King Isn’t Supportive of Elijah’s Rehabilitation

According to court records submitted this Wednesday, Cher contends that her son’s separated spouse, Marieangela King, isn’t fit to serve as a conservator due to their “unstable relationship characterized by repeated challenges with substance abuse and mental health episodes.”
The document further states that King purportedly tried to remove Cher’s son from a rehabilitation facility. The filing mentions, “[Cher] understands and has reason to believe that Angela isn’t backing Elijah’s path to recovery. Additionally, it’s suggested that Angela actively impedes his efforts to achieve sobriety and obtain essential mental health care.”

Cher Seeks Conservatorship for Her Son, Citing Concerns for Elijah Blue Allman's Safety

In the submitted documents, Cher highlights that Allman and King are currently navigating their divorce proceedings. The paperwork suggests that appointing King as a conservator should only occur if it serves Allman’s best interests. Attorneys representing Cher contend that such an appointment could lead to the rapid depletion of Elijah’s resources due to potential harmful behaviors.
Elijah and King tied the knot in December 2013, with reports indicating that Cher’s son initiated divorce proceedings in 2021. However, as per a declaration from December 2022 within their divorce documentation, King stated that she and Elijah were endeavoring to mend their relationship, referencing a 12-day journey to New York they undertook the preceding month.

Cher Refutes Marieangela King’s Allegations of Abducting Son Elijah

In October, Cher dismissed allegations suggesting she orchestrated the disappearance of her son, a claim previously asserted by King in a court document from the prior year.
King stated in her 2022 submission, “I am presently uninformed about my husband’s condition or location. My apprehensions about his safety are profound.” She further alleged, “One of the four individuals responsible for his removal informed me that they were commissioned by (Allman’s) mother.”

Without delving deeply into the purported kidnapping scheme, she informed People Magazine that such rumors were “baseless.” Emphasizing the challenges she faces with her son, she highlighted that countless other Americans navigate similar struggles.
“As a mother, my primary duty is to support and assist my children in every possible way,” she expressed in the October conversation. “Despite the challenges and heartaches, thinking of your children often brings joy. You cherish them, support them, and remain a constant presence in their lives.”

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