That ’70s Show’ Actor Danny Masterson Begins 30-Year Prison Sentence

That ’70s Show’ Actor Danny Masterson Begins 30-Year Prison Sentence: Actor from “That ’70s Show,” Danny Masterson, has entered a California state prison following his conviction on two counts of rape.
Officials confirmed on Wednesday that the 47-year-old Masterson is now housed at North Kern State Prison, unveiling his initial prison photograph. The image depicts Masterson in an orange inmate uniform, sporting lengthy hair and a beard.

That '70s Show' Actor Danny Masterson Begins 30-Year Prison Sentence

Earlier in June, Masterson faced conviction for assaulting two women at his Los Angeles residence back in 2003. By September, a judicial decision sentenced him to a term of 30 years to life behind bars. Concurrently, his spouse, actress Bijou Phillips, initiated divorce proceedings shortly thereafter, marking the end of their nearly 12-year marital journey.

his sentencing, Masterson remained incarcerated at the Los Angeles County jail during subsequent post-sentencing proceedings, which addressed various matters. These included the surrender and location of all firearms owned by Masterson.
With a parole eligibility set beyond 25 years, Masterson faces a lengthy incarceration period before any potential release.
Legal representatives for Masterson have expressed intentions to challenge the conviction through an appeal process.

“Why Was Danny Masterson Incarcerated?”

A panel consisting of seven women and five men convicted Masterson of two rape charges on May 31, following a week-long deliberation period. However, the jury did not arrive at a unanimous decision regarding a third charge, which alleged that Masterson assaulted a former girlfriend.
Addressing Masterson directly, one of the women he was convicted of raping in 2003 stated, “By raping me, you took something invaluable from me — my spirit. That’s precisely what rape does; it robs one of their essence. You exhibit disturbing behavior, and society is safer with you behind bars.”

During the September sentencing, Judge Charlaine F. Olmedo of the Los Angeles Superior Court directly addressed Masterson before announcing the sentence.
“Mr. Masterson, I recognize your steadfast assertion of innocence, leading you to feel marginalized by the justice system,” stated Olmedo. “However, it’s essential to understand that you are not the aggrieved party here. Your actions from two decades ago silenced another individual’s voice and autonomy. You must reckon with the repercussions of your past deeds.”

Prior to the sentencing, Masterson’s attorney, Shawn Holley, emphasized to the court that the actor has led a commendable life, describing him as a dedicated father, spouse, sibling, child, colleague, and contributor to the community.
The imposed 30-year sentence represents the legal maximum. This mandates Masterson to serve a minimum of 25½ years before being considered for parole, though he remains subject to potential lifelong incarceration.

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