John Stamos Admits to Consuming Wine Post-DUI Hospitalization to Cope

John Stamos Admits to Consuming Wine Post-DUI Hospitalization to Cope: Following his DUI incident, John Stamos found himself spiraling deeper into alcohol dependency before seeking rehabilitation, as shared by the actor.
“After the DUI incident, upon returning home from the hospital that night, I consumed a bottle of wine in an attempt to numb the recent events,” Stamos revealed in a recent interview with People, published on Wednesday. “Avoiding sobriety allowed me to evade confronting the harsh reality; hence, I continued drinking.”

John Stamos Admits to Consuming Wine Post-DUI Hospitalization to Cope

In his inaugural memoir titled “If You Would Have Told Me,” Stamos openly discusses his longstanding struggle with alcoholism, which notably emerged during his 2002 Broadway portrayal as the Emcee in “Cabaret.”

Following his 2015 misdemeanor DUI charge in Beverly Hills, California, John Stamos commenced filming “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.”
“I was essentially in a state of slight intoxication throughout the filming of that movie,” Stamos shared with People.

During an episode of Mayim Bialik’s podcast “Bialik Breakdown,” John Stamos reflected on filming “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” as his lowest point. “Despite that realization, I continued to numb myself for some weeks afterward. However, upon returning home, my sisters intervened, presenting a solution they had found for me,” Stamos recounted.
In his memoir released in October, Stamos, the soap opera actor, revealed that what initially started as “liquid courage” to navigate through “Cabaret” evolved into a routine of consuming a bottle of wine before each performance.

“Reflecting on the DUI incident deeply unsettled me, realizing I could have endangered someone’s life,” he admitted. “It was disheartening to recognize how I had disregarded the family values, morals, and principles I upheld for years.”
After the DUI episode, Stamos embarked on a sobriety path through an Alcoholics Anonymous program in Utah. He emphasizes that achieving sobriety has significantly contributed to what he describes as his “fairytale ending.”

“In today’s world, addiction is pervasive, and my hope is to demonstrate that if I could overcome it, then so can others,” Stamos expressed. “Without embracing sobriety, I might not have the family I cherish today — a son and a wife. In fact, there’s uncertainty if I would even be alive.”

Stamos further elaborated on the transformative journey he underwent, emphasizing the pivotal role of his loved ones in his recovery process. “Every day, I am reminded of the blessings I have and the second chance I’ve been granted. It’s not just about personal redemption; it’s about honoring the commitment I’ve made to my family and myself,” he shared.
He also emphasized the importance of seeking help and not letting pride get in the way. “Acknowledging the problem was the first step. Seeking support and leaning on my family and close friends during those challenging times was crucial,” Stamos added.

As he continues to navigate his journey of sobriety, Stamos remains committed to raising awareness about addiction, advocating for resources, and inspiring others with his story of resilience and renewal. “It’s essential to remember that recovery is an ongoing process,” he concluded, “and I’m grateful for each day that allows me to be present for my family and share my experiences to help others find their path to healing.”

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