Martha Stewart Shares a Stunning Selfie in a Lavish Nightgown

Martha Stewart Shares a Stunning Selfie in a Lavish Nightgown: According to Martha Stewart, a restful night’s sleep can work wonders.
The renowned TV host and businesswoman took to Instagram recently, sharing an elegant selfie from her bathroom. In the snapshot, Stewart is elegantly dressed in a sophisticated gray nightgown paired with a complementary robe adorned with delicate white embellishments.
Reflecting on her post, Stewart mentioned how her serene sleep helped offset the fatigue from a particularly taxing plane journey.

Martha Stewart Shares a Stunning Selfie in a Lavish Nightgown

“After enduring an exhausting eight-hour flight from Westchester to Palm Beach — which was less than pleasant — I decided to retire early, donning my exquisite Sabbia Rosa linen nightgown and robe,” Stewart shared. “Thankfully, I felt rejuvenated upon waking, perhaps owing to the elegance of the attire!”
Stewart’s selfie garnered admiration from her followers in the comment section, with recognition from some well-known acquaintances.
“Absolutely stunning! ❤️🔥😍,” remarked actress Ellen Pompeo.
“Martha’s got that allure; it’s always a treat to see this side of her,” commented user @avdoeswhat.
“It’s about time we got a captivating glimpse! Fans have been eagerly anticipating this! 🔥,” added user @thegluterecruit.

“Living the dream right there,” entrepreneur Kim Kaupe remarked.
“Wow! Leave a bit of that charm for the rest of us! 😍,” expressed TV personality Lauren Makk.
Stewart has consistently showcased her confident style. During her appearance at the Fashion Group International Night of Stars gala in October, the 82-year-old entrepreneur addressed a question from Page Six about societal expectations regarding dressing based on one’s age.

“When it comes to age-based dressing? Who sets those rules?” Stewart retorted. “Age doesn’t dictate style. I genuinely believe individuals are embracing their fabulous selves even more as they age, and that’s commendable.” Style coach Megan LaRussa highlighted that Stewart’s remarks challenge the notion that women should adopt more reserved styles as they grow older.

“At 82, she’s not holding back,” LaRussa commented. “Many women mistakenly believe that as they age, they should conceal themselves, thinking they can’t wear certain styles or draw attention. But Stewart proves otherwise.”

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