Gloria Trevi Alleges Control by Sergio Andrade

Gloria Trevi Alleges Control by Sergio Andrade: Gloria Trevi refutes allegations of involvement in the abuse of minors through a counter-lawsuit against her former manager, Sergio Andrade.
Born Gloria de los Ángeles Treviño Ruiz, the Mexican pop sensation lodged the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court, leveling accusations against her former 68-year-old producer for offenses like sexual assault, sexual battery, and deliberate emotional harm.
The legal action contends that Trevi, often likened to the “Mexican Madonna,” was manipulated and exploited by Andrade for financial gain from an early stage in her career.
The lawsuit contends that she was “essentially confined: manipulated, subjected to mental and physical torment, and essentially held captive by Andrade.” Represented by Camille Vasquez, Trevi stated that the counter-lawsuit was initiated “to uncover the purported misconduct and guarantee that justice is served.”

Gloria Trevi Alleges Control by Sergio Andrade

“I’ve decided to pursue this legal recourse to seek justice and emphasize that such egregious behaviors cannot go unchecked. No individual should endure what I went through, and I’m resolute in ensuring those at fault face consequences.”
Camille Vasquez, who has also represented Johnny Depp, remarked in a statement, “Gloria Trevi has exhibited remarkable resilience and bravery by stepping forward with this counter-lawsuit. We stand ready to present our argument and advocate for justice on her behalf.”

“Gloria Trevi Alleges Sexual Misconduct by Ex-Manager: Details of the Lawsuit”
Trevi asserts that other young women, under Andrade’s influence, monitored her to ensure compliance, warning of severe repercussions such as starvation, intense exercises, and beatings that occasionally led to unconsciousness.
Contrary to the glamorous perception often associated with the ‘Mexican Madonna,’ the document claims that privately, Ms. Trevi endured distressing conditions, including being clad in tattered clothing and at times compelled to sleep unclothed on a chilly bathroom floor.
The legal filing further alleges instances of rape and various forms of mistreatment by Andrade, culminating in a distressing episode where Trevi tried to take her own life.

The counter-lawsuit comes after a previously reported December 2022 submission in Los Angeles Superior Court. Both Variety and Rolling Stone indicated in January that the December 30, 2022, lawsuit was initiated by two anonymous plaintiffs, referred to as Jane Does. They leveled accusations of “childhood sexual abuse, sexual battery, assault, molestation, and mistreatment,” resulting in significant emotional turmoil such as anxiety, distress, and fear.
While media reports suggest the filings don’t directly name Trevi or Andrade, they refer to one individual as “among the highest-paid female artists in Latin America” and the other as “a top music producer in Mexico.”
In Trevi’s counter-lawsuit, she identifies herself, Andrade, and Mary Boquitas, a former backup singer, as explicit defendants. Trevi’s legal action implies that Boquitas also suffered abuse at Andrade’s hands.
The document reveals that Andrade reportedly wed Boquitas, a fellow member of the short-lived band Boquitas Pintadas alongside Trevi. Allegedly, both Boquitas and Trevi, as underage girls, were vulnerable targets for Andrade’s manipulation and mistreatment.

In her counter-lawsuit, Trevi identifies the Jane Does as cross-defendants, alleging that these women, alongside certain media entities, have propagated “baseless rumors.” Trevi asserts that these parties have unjustly associated her with actions perpetrated by Andrade, aiming to sabotage her professional reputation.
Trevi elucidates that her reluctance to speak out about her ordeal stemmed from a desire to shield her underage children and an aversion to revisiting traumatic events. However, with her children now adults, the document contends that unfounded accusations persistently pin Trevi to acts committed by Andrade against her.

Regarding the lawsuit initiated in December 2022, Trevi seeks compensation for damages.
Claims implicating Trevi and Andrade in misconduct with minors surfaced as early as the 1990s. Despite these allegations, Trevi consistently asserts that she herself fell victim to Andrade’s manipulations. Her legal journey includes a nearly five-year incarceration spanning Brazil and Mexico starting in 2000 on charges related to minors, from which she was later acquitted in 2004.

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