Mustafa Ahmed’s Gaza & Sudan Benefit Concert: Featuring Omar Apollo, Ramy Youssef

Mustafa Ahmed’s Gaza & Sudan Benefit Concert: Featuring Omar Apollo, Ramy Youssef: The indie music and arts scene, infused with international talent, is rallying together to support relief efforts in Gaza and Sudan.

At the “Artists for Aid: Gaza & Sudan” benefit concert set for January 4th at Newark Symphony Hall in New Jersey, a lineup of renowned artists will grace the stage. This includes performances by Omar Apollo, comedian Ramy Youssef, 6LACK, Clairo, Faye Webster, Charlotte Day Wilson, and Daniel Caesar, among others.
Mustafa Ahmed, a noted singer-songwriter, is spearheading this initiative. The proceeds from the concert will go to Human Concern International, an organization based in Canada.
Tickets for the event are priced at $150 and can be purchased through Eventbrite. Additionally, the lineup boasts performances from Stormzy, Mohammed El Kurd, Nick Hakim, 070 Shake, and Mustafa himself.

“We’ve dedicated immense effort to bring this together, yet our exhaustion pales in comparison to the cause we champion,” Mustafa expressed on Instagram. “Recently, I journeyed to both Sudan and Palestine, driven by a singular purpose: to engage with artist communities and young leaders. It was about recognizing shared experiences of pain, hope, and resilience.”

He continues, “The challenges faced by both communities have stifled many aspirations, but events like this rejuvenate my spirit. Our objective remains clear: tonight, we lend our voices to amplify theirs.”
Human Concern International expressed their enthusiasm about being the designated charity for this event, affirming their commitment to channel the support directly to the communities in Gaza and Sudan. Their graphic indicates a clear division of donations: an equal distribution with half allocated to Gaza and the other half to Sudan.

Human Concern International is recognized as the oldest Muslim relief organization in Canada, dedicated to combating poverty for over four decades, as stated on its official website.
Currently, Sudan faces conflict between two factions of its military government: the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces. On October 7, Hamas launched an attack on Israel, leading to subsequent Israeli military action in the Gaza Strip. Additionally, it’s important to note that the United States and the European Union have designated Hamas as a terrorist organization.

Mustafa Ahmed’s Gaza & Sudan Benefit Concert stands as a testament to the power of music, art, and community. Through the harmonious blend of talent and purpose, the event not only raises awareness but also fosters a sense of solidarity with the people of Gaza and Sudan. As attendees, artists, and organizers come together on January 4th, they do more than just create melodies; they create moments of hope, resilience, and shared humanity.

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