Teddi Mellencamp’s Skin Cancer Update: Holding Hope

Teddi Mellencamp’s Skin Cancer Update: Holding Hope: Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave recently shared a challenging update with her followers about her ongoing battle with melanomas.
On Tuesday, the former cast member of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” took to Instagram to reveal that her immunotherapy treatment had not been effective against her melanomas. In the accompanying image, the 42-year-old displayed visible pink scars on her upper back and right shoulder blade, indicating the treatments she’s undergone.

She further elaborated, mentioning that despite a recent wide excision removal procedure on her most recent melanoma, the outcomes were disheartening as the treatment did not yield the desired results.
For clarity, as highlighted by the American Cancer Society’s official website, immunotherapy refers to a specialized treatment approach that harnesses an individual’s immune system to combat cancer. This therapeutic method aims to enhance or modify the immune system’s functionality, enabling it to detect and combat cancerous cells effectively.

Mellencamp indicated that after consulting with her medical team, they have determined that the most appropriate next step is to undergo surgery next week to address a more significant portion of the affected area.

“I’m apprehensive about the procedure, given my concerns about anesthesia and heightened anxiety. However, I remain hopeful that everything will turn out alright, believing that perhaps this experience allows me to advocate and raise awareness,” she expressed.

“Following the surgery, if all goes well and the results are clear, I’ll undergo regular monitoring every three months,” Mellencamp elaborated. “For now, I’m eagerly anticipating Christmas with my family and urge everyone to prioritize their skin check-ups as we approach the new year.”

Teddi Mellencamp’s Candidness on Her Skin Cancer Experience

Teddi Mellencamp has consistently been transparent regarding her battle with skin cancer. Last year, she publicly disclosed her Stage 2 melanoma diagnosis. Taking to Instagram, she emphasized the importance of regular medical check-ups, stating, “The lesson here is clear: if a physician recommends quarterly visits, heed that advice. I was tempted to overlook it, but I’m grateful I didn’t.”

“I feel compelled to share my experience because, like many from the ’90s era, I indulged in harmful practices like using baby oil and iodine for tanning without ever prioritizing sunscreen or mole check-ups until my 40s,” she reflected. “This journey has profoundly shifted my perspective, and I hope it serves as a reminder to cherish and safeguard your skin.”

What is melanoma?

Melanoma represents a small fraction, approximately 1%, of all skin cancer cases. However, it possesses a heightened propensity to grow and metastasize, rendering it particularly perilous. The American Cancer Society notes that melanoma is responsible for a significant majority of fatalities related to skin cancer.

Melanoma arises when melanocytes, the cells responsible for imparting tan or brown hues to the skin, begin to proliferate uncontrollably. Among individuals with lighter skin tones, women commonly experience melanomas on their legs, whereas men often see them on their chest and back. Additionally, prevalent areas include the neck and face.

The American Academy of Dermatology underscores that skin cancer diagnoses in people of color frequently occur during advanced stages. Specifically, among Black individuals, skin cancer commonly manifests on areas that receive minimal sun exposure, such as the soles of the feet, lower legs, and palms.

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