Kathy Griffin’s Divorce Announcement

Kathy Griffin’s Divorce Announcement: Kathy Griffin has decided to end her marriage before 2024 begins.
The 63-year-old comedian and former “Fashion Police” personality submitted divorce papers from her husband, Randy Bick, at the Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday. Interestingly, this decision came merely four days before their anticipated fourth wedding anniversary.
Following the online revelation initially shared by TMZ, Griffin expressed her feelings on both X and Instagram, sharing a straightforward sentiment: “This is difficult,” she remarked.

Kathy Griffin's Divorce Announcement

Griffin and Bick, who exchanged vows on New Year’s Day in 2020, initially started their relationship in 2011. However, they went through a period of separation in November 2018. Fortunately, by April 2019, they reconciled. The duo’s engagement became public just hours before their 2020 wedding ceremony, a memorable event officiated by Lily Tomlin.

In the official divorce documents, Griffin indicated December 22 as the date when they separated, attributing “irreconcilable differences” as the primary cause for their split. Furthermore, she requested the court to uphold a premarital agreement dated December 23, 2019.
Back in 2020, during their wedding year, Griffin reminisced about their lengthy relationship on social media. She even shared a nostalgic snapshot from their inaugural date in 2011. Alongside the photo, she wrote, “Here’s our very first formal date from September 2011! We’re seated in a limo graciously provided by the iconic Gloria Estefan’s team, as they organized a surprise for me to join her as an impromptu ‘dancer’ during her performance at the Alma awards!”

Renowned for her sharp-witted comedy and series such as “My Life on the D List,” Griffin disclosed earlier this year that she has been grappling with a severe form of complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While she pinpointed the onset of her symptoms to around 2017, a period marked by significant backlash over a controversial photo featuring her holding a mask resembling former President Donald Trump stained with a blood-red substance, she didn’t directly mention this incident. Additionally, Griffin acknowledged that her diagnosis of lung cancer in 2021 further exacerbated her mental health challenges.

Griffin has been married before. In a 2006 interview on “Larry King Live,” she publicly accused her ex-husband of theft. She has also mentioned incorporating elements of their tumultuous relationship into her comedic performances.

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